Introduction to Cyber Security

Course Overview

Learn the fundamentals of Cyber Security!

Cyber Security is one of the largest growing job markets in the world! As everything becomes more and more digitalized, and with the rise of AI being used in businesses, there is no end in site to the need for well trained Cyber Security specialists.

Learn the art of Defensive and Offensive Cyber Security!

Special Note: Parents and Students will need to agree to not abuse the knowledge and skills gained from this course.

Skills Learned

  • Assessing Risk Management
  • Terminal/Power Shell Commands
  • Linux Basics
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • How to Identify Computer Viruses
  • Techniques to see through hackers/scammers
  • How Networks and Cloud Computing Work
  • Data Splicing
  • How to make a SQL Database
  • SQL Injection
Everyone will build a basic website for testing these techniques, so everyone will also learn the basics of:
  • HTML, CSS, and PHP

Academy Course Description

The HiTech Yeti Summer Academy courses can be summarized as concentrated learning that just happens to be a lot of fun. These courses are intense but fun, and HiTech Yeti guarantees that all students will master all intended skills.

Academy courses run as follows:

  • 9am – 1pm (Pacific Time)
  • 12pm – 4pm (Eastern Time)

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Recommended Age: 13+

Prerequisite: None

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