Advanced 2D Game

Design with Unity

Course Overview

Unity is a great tool to learn with and is used to make tons of best selling games every year. The Unity game engine has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and this course covers everything required to create incredible 2D Games with Unity.

Will you create the next great speed running game?



Skills Learned

  • Control and Animate Characters
  • Create Scripts
  • Utilize Game Variables (Health, Mana, Speed, Gravity)
  • Movement Abilities (Dashing, Flying, Gliding, Jet Packs)
  • Create Game Objects (Collectable Items, Power Ups, etc.)
  • Level Transitions
  • Create Liquids (Water, Lava, etc.)
  • So Much More!

    Academy Course Description

    The HiTech Yeti Summer Academy courses can be summarized as concentrated learning that just happens to be a lot of fun. These courses are intense but fun, and HiTech Yeti guarantees that all students will master all intended skills.

    Academy courses run as follows:

    • 9am – 1pm (Pacific Time)
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    Recommended Age: 11+

    Prerequisite: None

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