Unreal 3D

Game Design

Course Overview

Learn all of the fundamentals of 3D Game Design with Unreal Engine 5!

The Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful game design tools in the world. Unreal allows you to rapidly create beautiful games, cool abilities, and absolutely gorgeous scenery. It’s no wonder so many AAA Game Design Studios use Unreal Engine to create games for every console and computers.

By the end of the week everyone will have an Awesome 3D Game made with Unreal Engine 5!‚Äč




Skills Learned

  • Create Beautiful Levels
  • Gorgeous Scenery
  • Atmospheric Effects (Fog, Heat Distortions Off Lava, etc.)
  • Good Lightning (that draws the player into the level)
  • Special Effects (Fire, Electricity, etc.)
  • Moving Objects (such as doors and elevators)
  • Physics Objects
  • How to Make Destructible Objects
  • So Much More!

    Academy Course Description

    The HiTech Yeti Summer Academy courses can be summarized as concentrated learning that just happens to be a lot of fun. These courses are intense but fun, and HiTech Yeti guarantees that all students will master all intended skills.

    Academy courses run as follows:

    • 6 hours a day
    • 8am – 2pm (Pacific Time)
    • 11am – 5pm (Eastern Time)
    • 30 minutes for lunch
    • 2 fifteen minute breaks

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    Recommended Age: 12+

    Prerequisite: None

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