Live Online Classes

Classes are project based and the curriculum is scaffolded so that students are building up on all they’ve learned throughout the week.

Student projects can be added to a porfolio for college preparation, and retuning students can continue prior projects or start new ones.

All classes can be taken up to 4 times with new material and skills learned.

We use Zoom to create a Virtual Classroom!


Mastery Classes

What are Mastery Classes?

  • Pick a STEM topic
  • Pick times that work for you
  • Spend a month mastering new skills
  • 100% Guaranteed Results!

Mastery Classes give a JUMP START on mastering your chosen STEM class. Students spend a month building a project that guarantees mastery of a set number of skills.

Start at any skill level and master what’s next! Classes can be taken continually until you have mastered the STEM topic.

School Year Classes

Python Game Making

Minecraft Java Modding

Java Weekends

D&D Weekends

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Weekends

Minecraft Data Packs

Electrical Engineering

Mastery Classes

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