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Master your skills in Programming, Game Design, Minecraft, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Classes are scaffolded so that students are building up on a big project throughout the week that demonstrates all they’ve learned, and can be added to their portfolio.

How things work!

We use Zoom to create a Virtual Classroom!

Maximum class size is 6

Classes run Monday – Friday, 2 hours per class


2 Weekends, Saturdays/Sundays, 2 hours per class


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Learning should be fun!

We design all of our classes with a focus on learning through play and experimentation.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman

Minecraft Game Design

Recommended Ages: 9+           Create a story-driven Minecraft adventure game filled with custom puzzles, traps, villains, and heroes!

Minecraft Modding

Recommended Ages: 10+     Learn the basics of Java making new Minecraft blocks, items, mobs, and super powers!

Scratch Programming

Recommended Ages: 8+        Learn Scratch, a block-based programming language created by MIT to make learning fun!

Python Programming

Recommended Ages: 10+          This class is an introduction to core programming concepts and the Python language.

Chess Club

Recommended Ages: 9+        Learn chess, increase your skill level, or just play some great chess matches!

Minecraft Engineering

Recommended Ages: 10+   
Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering. Clocks, Limiters, 2-bit CPUs and much more!

Dungeons and Dragons

Recommended Ages: 9+    Journey through fantasy worlds, explore forbidden forests, battle monsters, and defeat bosses!

Java Programming

Recommended Ages: 10+        Java is the perfect entry level programming language for those serious about coding.

Robotics Programming

Recommended Ages: 10+        Learn competitive robot programming with ROBOTC using Robot Virtual Worlds.

3D Game Design

Recommended Ages: 10+          Learn to use the Unreal Engine, one of the most powerful 3D Game Design Engines in the world!

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