Game Design Classes

2D Game Design

Class Description

Multimedia Fusion is an incredibly powerful event-based programming and 2D game design engine.

Check out the world of game design!

Fusion helps students explore every area of game design so they can see what they enjoy most: Programming, Animating, Making User Interfaces, etc.

Project Description

Projects take 1 of 3 paths:

  1. Custom 2D Zelda Game
    • With 5 Dungeons & 5 Bosses
    • Unique Abilities, Items, and Leveling
  2. Custom Mario Platformer
    • With 5 Worlds & 1 Boss Battle per World
    • Unique Items, Gravity Control
  3. Custom Pokemon Game
    • 20+ Unique Monsters to Catch & Battle
    • 3 Custom Gyms with Bosses
    • Villages, Items, and Trainers to Battle

3D Game Design

Class Description

The Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful 3D Game Design Engines in the world! Many of the major game design companies use Unreal Engine to make their games.

In this class, students learn all of the basics of creating 3D Games, from how to make terrain and buildings, to working with physics objects, and creating game cinematics.

Project Description

Student games will include:

  • Custom Terrain & Folliage Cover
  • 1 Extra Large & 3 Medium Sized Buildings
  • 5+ Objects with Physics
  • 2 Custom Materials
  • 2 Custom Particle Effects
  • 2 Game Cinematics