Minecraft Classes

Minecraft Game Design

Class Description

In this class students use Minecraft to create an adventure in a Minecraft World they design & theme.

Using MCEdit (Minecraft World Editing Tools) we can rapidly create custom themed worlds and then fill them with puzzles, traps, villains, and heroes!

In this class we use the incredible power of Minecraft to tell a story and create an Epic Adventure!

Project Description

Student Adventures Include:

  • 2 Custom Towns (Before & After Disaster Strikes)
  • Village with a Shop, Guild to Join, and Multiple Quests
  • 2 Custom Dungeons
  • 5 Unique Redstone Traps & Challenges
  • 1 Castle with Mini Boss and Final Boss Battle
  • 1 Epic Final Escape Scene

Minecraft Java Modding

Class Description

In this class students learn how to break down the Minecraft code and change it by making their own Minecraft Mods!

Minecraft was made with Java. By learning Java you can re-write the world!

This class teaches the basics of Java in a fun an exciting way, but our main focus is making awesome new blocks, items, mobs, and super powers in Minecraft!


Project Description

Student Minecraft Mods will all have:

  • 5 Custom Blocks
  • 5 Custom Items
  • 3 Custom Mobs (good guys or bad guys)
  • 3 New Sets of Armor
  • 2 New Plants (that grow!)
  • 2 Custom Super Powers!