Minecraft Electrical Engineering

Class Description

Minecraft Electrical Engineering Weekends
2 Saturdays & Sundays, (10:30am – 12:30pm) Pacific Time
Maximum Class Size: 5

Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering directly in Minecraft. In this class students learn how to fully utilize Minecraft redstone to create electrical components and circuit boards. Originally created as a college course, students create Minecraft circuit boards controlling; traps, puzzles, and challenges. This class can be taken up to 4 times with 100% unique lessons and curriculum in each session. Repeat students create increasingly advanced circuit boards to control high level mimics of real life electronics.

Skills Learned

  • Minecraft’s version of Ohm’s Law
  • Repeaters, Ticks, and Pulses
  • Types of Transmission
  • Clocks
  • Pulse Generators
  • Circuit Boards
  • Power Loops
  • Pulse (Sustainer, Multiplier, Divider)
  • Reading Circuit Conditions
  • RS NOR Latch
  • BUD Switch
  • Edge Detectors (Rising, Falling, Dual)
  • T-Flip, D-Flip Flop
  • 2-bit memory devices
  • and more!

Ages: 10+

Prerequisite: None

Software: Minecraft, Zoom

Software Cost: $26.95 *Only if you don’t own Minecraft

Hardware Requirements:

  • Good internet connection
  • Windows or Mac
  • Minecraft Java Edition installed
  • (Ask if you need to borrow a Java Minecraft Account)


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