Create an A.I. Assistant

That Listens & Speaks

Course Overview

  • 9am – 1pm (Pacific Time)
  • 12pm – 4pm (Eastern Time)

Use Python to create an AI assistant from scratch that will be your own Jarvis or Siri!

The AI Assistant Will:

  1. ​Recognize Speech
  2. Interpret what was said
  3. Run Commands | OR | Take Needed Actions
  4. Respond to you out loud using Text-To-Speech




A.I. Behaviors

After we set up the AI assistant’s ability to listen and speak we’ll add behaviors such as:

  • Querying Wikipedia: Ask a question out loud -> AI assistant responds out loud
  • Note Taker: Say “Notes” -> Then continue with what you want written down -> AI assistant types out your words
  • Google It: Say “Google”-> Then continue with what you want to google -> AI assistant googles what you said
  • Integrate ChatGPT: Integrate the ChatGPT API into the AI assistant. Allowing you to ask questions of ChatGPT and access it’s many other commands.
  • And more!

    Recommended Age: 9+

    Prerequisite: None

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