Minecraft Java Modding

Class Description

Minecraft Java Modding
Monday – Friday, (12:00pm-2:00pm) Pacific Time
Maximum Class Size: 3

Learn the basics of Java in a fun and exciting way making Minecraft Mods!

Every class starts with a traditional Java lesson, and then quickly moves on to using the new Java skills in creating Minecraft mods.

Create new blocks, items, liquids, mobs, biomes, dimensions, super powers, and so much more! This class can be taken up to 5 times with 100% new lessons and curriculum each session.

First Week Students

This class uses the Intellij IDE to create Minecraft Java Mods. All first week students will make custom blocks, items, and animals (including their AI).

The Intellij IDE is easy to use, and has built in configuration with Minecraft modding. Each session starts with some basic programming lessons, and then quickly moves on to working on your Minecraft mods.

Skills Learned

  • Introduction to Object-oriented Programming
  • Variables
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • If-then Statements
  • While, Do-while
  • For Loops
  • Functions
  • Minecraft code reading
  • Minecraft function building

Ages: 10+

Prerequisite: None

Software: Intellij, Zoom

Software Cost: All free

System Requirements:

  • Good internet connection
  • Windows or Mac
  • Java JDK 8 installed
  • Intellij installed

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