Minecaft Data Packs/Modding (Leo)


Minecaft Data Packs/Modding once a week!

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Minecaft Data Packs/Modding
Saturday (2:00pm-4:00pm) PST

Once a week on Saturday we will be doing 2 hours of Minecaft Data Packs/Modding!

To start with we will be suing Data Packs to learn how to code weapons, armor, spell, and abilities into Minecraft. This includes how to program with Command Blocks, and how to use scoreboard variables to turn minecraft command blocks into real programming logic.

Eventually we will dive into Minecraft Modding with Java as well, and we will cover how to add anything you can think of in Minecraft. Starting with custom blocks and items, and then mobs and AI, we will quickly work our way into the depths of Minecraft code learning to make anything we can think of.

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