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The Core of D&D is the story and your imagination, come join an epic 20 hour adventure this summer!

Every week we will be running a different adventure! Some adventures we will be doing are; Storm King’s Thunder, Ice Wind Dale, The Lost City, Tower of the Mad Mage, Out Of The Abyss, Descent into Averness, Sunless Citadel, and more!

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Dungeons & Dragons Morning Club!
Monday – Friday for 2 weeks

8:00am – 10:00am (Pacific Time)
11:00am – 1:00pm (Eastern Time)
Maximum Class Size: 5

No experience required – Fun for all ages! Dungeons & Dragons is a game where your imagination is the greatest weapon you can have. Imagine the real world as Lord of the Rings, and YOU are one of the heroes. What would you do? Keep in mind you can do ANYTHING!

Go on an epic 10 hour adventure with up to 5 other player’s. Every adventure is brand new. Our Dungeon Master (Chris) has been playing D&D for many years and has dozens of adventures ready to go. Sometimes you’ll be exploring forbidden forests, sometimes you’ll wake up in a prison cell and have to escape while figuring out why you were captured. The possibilities are endless with D&D, just as how you play is only limited by your imagination!

We use Roll20, which is a free online program. Roll20 allows our Dungeon Master to give you a visual for everything in the game, from where you are, what your player looks like, spells, monsters, sound effects, and even virtual dice to roll.

Recommended Ages: 9-17
System Requirements
– Windows, Mac, or iPad.
– Google Chrome or Firefox

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June 6-17, June 20-July 1, July 4-15, July 18-29, August 1-12


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