Math, Physics, & Minecraft Modding


Monday & Tuesday, learning Math, Physics, & Minecaft Java Modding!

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Math, Physics, & Minecaft Modding
Mondays & Tuesdays
3:30pm-5:30pm (Pacific Time)

On Mondays we will be working through all of math, with our goal to be reaching calculus within a year. Merrick really enjoys theoretical math and physics as well, so we will be incorporating a lot of these concepts and using them to push our understanding of math as far as possible!

On Tuesdays we will be doing Java Programming and Minecraft Data Pack Programming. We will cover all of the major topics included in preparing for the Java AP Exam. This is all in order to gain a firm foothold with Java so that we can truly dive deep into Minecraft modding!

Once we do dive into Minecraft Modding we will be creating something HUGE! It will require getting to know the class structure of Minecraft so that we can re-write all of our Minecraft classes.

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