K’Nex Robotics & Cyber Security


Saturday is K’Nex Robotics building a motorized robotic spider, and Sunday is a full course of Cyber Security from beginner to certified ready.

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K’Nex Robotics & Cyber Security
4:30pm – 6:00pm (PST)

Saturday is K’Nex Robotics with Aaron and Sunday&Monday is Cyber Security with Caroline.

For K’Nex Robotics we will be building a robotic spider with eight legs that walks in a synchronized pattern. The major challenge at first will be creating a chassis and gear setup that runs 1 motor into motion at eight different points. Then we will create legs that have control joints which will only allow for certain ranges of motion. Combined this will make the robotic spider walk forwards, while both looking cool and not veering to the left or right at all. Additionally we will control our meetings such that almost no screen time is required. Instead our meetings will consist of talking and figuring things out together without images (except when 100% necessary).

For Cyber Security we will be going through everything involved. From identifying potential threats and setting ones own computer up to be safe, all the way to using a Virtual Private Network to run through what it looks like from the hacker and security teams point of view. Our goal is to set Caroline up such that she could take a certification course afterwards and pass with flying colors.

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