Minecraft Electrical Engineering


Learn all the basics of Electrical Engineering in Minecraft! Create clocks, edge detectors, t flips, 2 bit computers and more!

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Minecraft Electrical Engineering Weekends
2 Saturdays & Sundays, (10:30am – 12:30pm) Pacific Time
Maximum Class Size: 5

Special Note: The first weekend edition of this class will be for Sep. 19/20 & Oct. 3/4 & Oct. 10/11. HiTech Yeti will be closed on September 26th & 27. Thus we have added a third weekend to this first class bundle.

Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering directly in Minecraft. In this class students learn how to fully utilize Minecraft redstone to create electrical components and circuit boards. Originally created as a college course, students create Minecraft circuit boards controlling; traps, puzzles, and challenges. This class can be taken up to 4 times with 100% unique lessons and curriculum in each session. Repeat students create increasingly advanced circuit boards to control high level mimics of real life electronics.

Skills Learned; Ohm’s Law​, Repeaters, Ticks, and Pulses, Transmission Types, Clocks, Pulse Generators, Circuit Boards, Power Loops, Pulse (Sustainer, Multiplier, Divider), Reading Circuit Conditions, RS NOR Latch, BUD Switch, Edge Detectors (Rising, Falling, Dual), 2 bit memory devices (T-Flip, D-Flip Flop), and more!

Recommended Ages: 9-16
System Requirements
– Windows or Mac
– Minecraft Java Edition installed
– (Ask if you need to borrow a Java Minecraft Account)
– Final world can be converted to any version of Minecraft

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Sep 25/26 & Oct 2/3, Oct 23/24 & Oct 30/31, Dec 4/5 & Dec 11/12


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