Minecraft Game Design


Use Minecraft to create a story-driven adventure filled with custom made puzzles, traps, villains, and heroes!

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Minecraft Game Design
Class runs Monday – Friday
Aug 31- Sep 4 Class Runs 1:00PM-3:00PM PST
All Other Weeks Class Runs 3:30PM-5:30PM PST
Maximum Class Size: 6

Use Minecraft to create a Story-Driven Adventure Game.

In this class students use Minecraft to create a Story-Driven adventure game. Learn all of the basics of Game Design; Story boarding, The Hero’s Journey, Environmental Storytelling, Implementing Progressive Difficulty, Creating Game Cinematics, Boss Fights, and More!

Create a custom themed world, and then fill it with puzzles, traps, quests, villains, and heroes! Unlock the incredible power of Minecraft to tell YOUR story and create an Epic Adventure Game!

Recommended Ages: 9-15
System Requirements
– Windows or Mac
– Minecraft Java Edition installed
– (Ask if you need to borrow a Java Minecraft Account)
– Final game can be converted to any version of Minecraft

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Aug. 31 – Sep. 4, Sep. 7-11, Sep. 21-25, Oct. 5-9, Oct. 19-23, Nov. 2-6, Nov. 16-20, Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Dec. 14-18, Jan. 4-8, Jan. 18-22


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