Minecraft – Winter Cruise Survival


Players are on a winter holiday cruise that has stopped at a beautiful Iceland village. BUT they wake up to find everyone else is gone. Players will need to collect food, find a way to call for help, and be careful of the strange noises at night!

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Minecraft – Winter Cruise Survival!

Monday – Friday | 10am – 12pm (Pacific Time)

You and several friends won a winter holiday cruise to Iceland. Your first big stop is a beautiful island village in Iceland. The villagers are wonderful, the atmosphere is jolly, and all of you are having a great time. The cruise is supposed to stay at the village for several days…

BUT after the first night you wake up to EVERYONE MISSING!

  • The villagers are gone
  • The other passengers are gone
  • Even the cruise ship is gone
  • ONLY you are your friends are left!

Your Survival List

  1. Collect food
  2. Find a way to call for help
  3. Solve the mystery before it’s too late!
  4. Stay Warm! (Watch your temperature warning!)
  5. AND be careful of the strange noises at night…

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December 25-29, January 1-5


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