Python & Minecraft DnD


Programming with Python and Minecraft DnD Game Design once a week.

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Python & Minecraft DnD
Sunday (12:00pm-2:00pm) PST

Once a week on Sunday we will be doing 1 hour of Python, and 1 hour of Minecraft DnD creation.

For Python we will be working through all major programming concepts, and building projects that build on top of each other. Concepts we will cover include; Data Types, Variables, Keywords, Logical and Arithmetical Operators, If else conditions, Loops, Arrays, Classes and Objects, Constructors, Static Methods, Recursion, Functions, and much more.

For Minecraft DnD we will be working on every aspect of game design using Data Packs. Data packs can modify Minecraft with new mechanics, weapons, crafting recipes, magical powers, and they can even create mini-games and challenges. Advanced data packs usually require resource packs that include new textures, models and sound effects.

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