Live Online Classes

Master your skills in Programming, Minecraft, Game Design, and Mobile App Making, while making awesome portfolio projects.

Lessons are created sequentially to build upon one another, and student's naturally create a giant project throughout the class that demonstrates all they've learned.

Classes are project based, completely online, and are suitable for all ages and ability levels.

All Classes Include:

  • 16 hours of 1-on-1 online lessons
  • 16 hours of solo project time
  • A Portfolio Level Project

Customized Curriculum

We create customized STEM curriculum for schools, universities, and summer tech camps. Classes can be designed for all ages, include differentiation for skill levels, and come with a teacher's guide.

Topics Include:

  • Programming (Scratch, Java, C++)
  • Robotics (Lego Mindstorm, VEX Robotics, Robot Virtual Worlds)
  • Minecraft (Game Design, Java Modding, Server Design
  • Game Design (2D - Multimedia Fusion, 3D - Unreal Engine)
  • Mobile App Making (iOS Xcode/Swift, Android Studio)

Teacher Training

Are you a teacher who wants to bring STEM into your classroom?

No experience with technology? No problem!

We offer online and in person training, to individuals and groups of teachers. Training can be intensive weekends, or over a longer stretch.

We specialize in training teacher's in robotics and programming. If you want to enrich your classroom with STEM but aren't sure where to start, then please contact us.

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