Unity – 2D Game Design

Skills Learned

Monday – Friday, (10am – 12pm) Pacific Time
Max Class Size: 3

Unity has all the essential features you need for 2D animation, world building, and 2D physics.

Students will create an action adventure platform game. All games will have; Gravity controls and physics, Programmed special abilities, High quality animations, Enemy AI, Collectable items, and many other RPG game elements.

Recommended Ages: 10-17
System Requirements
– Windows, Mac

Skills Learned

  • Game Design Best Practices
  • Variables
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Conditional Statement
  • Loops
  • Random Numbers
  • Functions
  • Create & Animate Sprites

Ages: 10+

Prerequisite: None

Software: Unity

Software Cost: FREE

Hardware Requirements:

  • Good internet connection
  • Windows 7 or 10 up to date
  • 5 gigs hard drive space
  • 4 gigs ram

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