Teacher Training

Are you a teacher who wants to bring STEM into your classroom?

No experience with technology? No problem!

We offer online and in person training, to individuals and groups of teachers. Training can be intensive weekends, or over a longer stretch of time.

We specialize in training teacher’s to teach robotics and programming classes. If you want to enrich your classroom with STEM but aren’t sure where to start, then please contact us.

Online Vs In-Person Training

Online trainings can be any time and can be split up into as many chunks as neccesary.

In-Person training sessions are longer focused sessions. These are usually 2-3 day long weekends and include a large group of staff or teachers.


Average cost $200-$2,000

$200 – A teacher who wants a few refresher lessons.

$2,000 – A teacher who knows NO programming at all but wants to teach it to their class next year.

All pricing is based on number of lessons, online vs in person, and complexity of subject matter.


Interested in Teacher Training?