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June 6 – August 12

Most Popular Camps

Minecraft Electrical Engineering

Learn the basics of Electrical Engineering directly in Minecraft. Students create Minecraft circuit boards controlling; traps, puzzles, and interactive challenges.

Skills Learned; Ohm’s Law​, Repeaters, Ticks, Pulses, Transmission Types, Clocks, Pulse Generators, Circuit Boards, Power Loops, Pulse (Sustainer, Multiplier, Divider), Reading Circuit, Conditions, RS NOR Latch, BUD Switch, Edge Detectors (Rising, Falling, Dual), 2 bit memory devices (T-Flip, D-Flip Flop)

Minecraft – “Dracula’s Castle”

A Minecraft Role Playing Game like no other!

You are part of an ancient clan of vampire hunters. Your clan has passed down a legend for a 1000 years that Dracula’s one weakness would eventually reveal itself. Now is that time! Enter the castle, find Dracula, and defeat evil… but there’s no way it will be easy…

  • ​Pick from 5 different vampire hunters
  • No classes, change weapons any time
  • Battle HUNDREDS of minions
  • Massive bosses
  • Use your wits and jumping skills to explore a huge castle
  • Defeat Dracula once and for all!

Minecraft Rapid RPG Maker!

THIS SUMMER create your own Minecraft Role Playing Game! And do it FAST!
Everyone will learn how to use the Minecraft Structure block, and will be given over 100 different structures that can be pasted directly into their RPG game.
Maybe you want some traps while working on a castle? Using the structure block you can paste any of 12 different traps directly into the floor or wall of your castle and BOOM instant trap filled castle!

Enhance Homeschooling

1-on-1 and Pod Classes

Are you homeschooling this year?

HiTech Yeti offers home school enrichment classes. They can meet as often as you want and run as long as you want. They can last for 1 week, or all year.

We design the class based entirely on your needs.

Contact us at: info@hitechyeti.com

Comic Strip – The Yeti Workshop

Live Online STEM Classes

Join a group of like minded peers and enjoy social STEM activities from the comfort of home.

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