High Tech STEM Education

Online Summer Tech Camps

Camps Run Monday – Friday (10:00AM-3:00PM)

 Campers can be on a Mac or Windows computer, but not on iPads (sorry!)

This Summer Bring CAMP to YOU! Kids need to socialize now more than ever. Have a blast from the safety of home!

Camps are all 100% Online

Video game Creation Camp – (Ages 10+)

Fusion is a powerful game design engine used by many current indie game developers to create and publish award winning video games. Campers spend the week creating, coding, and animating a complete video game from scratch!

Minecraft Game Design Camp – (Ages 10+)

Learn the art of Game Design in Minecraft! Campers create their own adventure game in Minecraft with Story boarding, The Hero’s Journey, World Theming/Design, Environmental Storytelling, Game Cinematics, Progressive Difficulty, Quest Development, Controlled Chaos, Boss Battles, and much more!

Check out our Scratch Game Design Tournament!

Live Online STEM Classes

HiTech Yeti offers Live Online STEM Classes in Programming, Game Design, Minecraft, and Dungeons & Dragons. Our classes were designed by a Chris aka “Yeti”, who has 14 years experience teaching and developing STEM curriculum and classes. We are happy to share his expertese with our NEW Live Online STEM Classes!

Online Classes:

  • Dungeons and Dragons Club!
  • Programming with Scratch
  • Programming with Java
  • Minecraft Game Design
  • Minecraft Electrical Engineering

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