High Tech STEM Education

School Group Classes

Enrich your online school experience with online S.T.E.M classes.

Excellent addition to any homeschooling curriculum or virtual schooling?

HiTech Yeti provides weekly courses in Programming, Robotics, Math, Chess, Game Design, and a myriad of Minecraft topics.

We also offer customized curriculum for long term school enrichment classes.

Are you looking for a class to enrich your school year?

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Live Online STEM Classes

Join a group of likeminded peers and enjoy social activities from the comfort of home.

Online Classes:

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Chess Club
  • Programming with Scratch, Python, Java
  • Virtual FIRST Robotics Programming
  • 3D game Design – Unreal Engine
  • Minecraft Game Design
  • Minecraft Electrical Engineering
  • Minecraft Modding with Java

The Yeti Workshop

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