Bring Your Game Idea To Life!

Class meets once a week for 3 months

Dec 4 – Feb 24 | 90 Minutes per session

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to be a published game designer!

  • You have a great game idea.
  • We meet once a week for 3 months.
  • I teach you exactly what you need to know to make your game.
  • We work together to get all of the hardest parts of the game made first.
  • Between classes you work on game content that I’ve already taught you how to add into the game (Storyline, Animations, Art, Sounds, etc.)
  • After 3 months you know pretty much everything to finish on your own. We can meet once or twice later if you have troubles. Or you can sign up for another 3 months

Minecraft: Winter Cruise Survival

You and several friends won a winter holiday cruise to Iceland. Your first big stop is a beautiful island village in Iceland. The villagers are wonderful, the atmosphere is jolly, and all of you are having a great time. The cruise is supposed to stay at the village for several days…

BUT after the first night you wake up to EVERYONE MISSING!

  • The villagers are gone
  • The other passengers are gone
  • Even the cruise ship is gone
  • ONLY you are your friends are left!

Your Survival List

  • Collect food
  • Find a way to call for help
  • Solve the mystery before it’s too late
  • Stay Warm! (Watch your temperature warning)
  • AND be careful of the strange noises at night…

Corgi Dreamland

HiTech Yeti’s first published app (iPhone & iPad)

Now available on the app store!

Run, Jump, Dash and Dodge your corgi through a strange Dreamland. Smash the shields protecting Delicious Dream Food to get lots of points.

  • Bash through obstacles
  • Avoid pirate cannons
  • Dodge fireballs
  • Eat as much as you can
  • Beware of moles!

Want to learn Unity App/Game Creation?

Contact me at:

Live Online STEM Tutoring

Online Tutoring available in all levels of Math, Science, Computer Skills, Programming, Biology, Debate, Philosophy, Reading Comprehension, and Writing.

  • Need help catching up?
  • Want to get ahead?
  • All learning styles!
  • All levels of mastery!

Contact me at:

Customized Curriculum

I design every class for the individual student’s needs, skill level, and goal. I believe learning should be fun and that being challenged is one of the most important parts of making the learning process enjoyable. By making the challenge level perfect for each student I am able to get great results every time.

Topics Include:

  • Programming (Scratch, Java, C++, C#)
  • Robotics (Lego Mindstorm, VEX Robotics, Robot Virtual Worlds)
  • Minecraft (Game Design, Java Modding, Server Design)
  • Game Design (2D/3D – Unreal Engine & Unity)
  • Mobile App Making (iOS Xcode/Swift, Android Studio)

Students Reached

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Live Online Classes

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Mission Statement

I believe that learning through play and experimentation is the most effective way to master new skills.

My mission is to make STEM education FUN, Accessible, and to give kids more opportunities to socialize with like minded peers! I use Zoom to create a positive, safe, and interactive classroom environment anyone can access from home.

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