High Tech STEM Education

Minecraft Haunted October

Class runs Monday-Friday, (4:00pm-6:00pm) Pacific Time

  • Monday Escape Room – Escape a series of rooms filled with riddles and group collaboration activities.
  • Tuesday Haunted House – Fun for all ages. Not too intense, but meant to scare you!
  • Wednesday Escape Dimension Room – Enter a house that breaks the laws of physics. Work together to find your way before the house decides to keep you all forever!
  • ThursdayHaunted Hunger Games Competition –  2 round survival competition. If you are out early you become a ghost chasing down the rest of the survivors.
  • FridayEscape the Haunted House – A combination of escape room riddles and a haunted house. This is a scary test of group collaboration and fun!

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons

Class runs Monday-Friday, (4:00pm-6:00pm) Pacific Time

Embark on an epic 5 day D&D adventure inside of Minecraft.

Minecraft D&D is launching with 5 balanced classes; Knight, Wizard, Archer, Rogue, and Cleric!

  • Pick your class.
  • Level up
  • Learn new skills and spells
  • Collect gold from quests
  • Discover epic loot
  • Spend gold at merchants
  • Become more powerful than you could imagine
  • Battle the evil ​that plagues the land

Will you be the hero to save the world?

Be the first to join a new kind of adventure!

Live Online STEM Classes

Join a group of like minded peers and enjoy social activities from the comfort of home.

Online Classes:

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Chess Club
  • Programming with Scratch, Python, Java
  • Virtual FIRST Robotics Programming
  • 3D game Design – Unreal Engine
  • Minecraft Game Design
  • Minecraft Electrical Engineering
  • Minecraft Modding with Java

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