High Tech STEM Education

Minecraft Game Design Summer Camp

Create a Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Welcome Minecraft Game Makers!

Camp runs Monday-Friday

10:00am-3:00pm (Pacific Time)

Use Minecraft to create your own Dungeons and Dragon Adventure. Create a custom story, custom class and special abilities, quests, puzzles, challenges, parkour, and big boss battles!


– Create your own character class
– Program special abilities
– Create a level up system
– Design an Epic Dungeons & Dragons Adventure

Create Custom Classes and Abilities

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Live Online STEM Classes

Join a group of like minded peers and enjoy social STEM activities from the comfort of home.

Online Classes:

  • Programming with Scratch, Python, Java
  • 3D game Design – Unreal Engine
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons
  • Minecraft Game Design
  • Minecraft Electrical Engineering
  • Minecraft Modding with Java

Online Birthday Parties!


We are now offering online Minecraft birthday parties. We host Minecraft tournaments, Minecraft mini games, and short Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

If interested please contact us at: info@hitechyeti.com

And our Comic Strip


The Yeti Workshop

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