High Tech STEM Education

Mission Statement

At HiTech Yeti we believe that learning through play and experimentation is the most effective way to master new skills.

Our mission is to make STEM education FUN, Accessible, and to give kids more opportunities to socialize with likeminded peers!

We learn who we are by interacting with others. Kids more than anyone need time to socialize and play with each other. If we can’t do this in person then online is the next best option.

We use Zoom to create a positive, safe, and interactive classroom environment anyone can access from home.

Employee List

Christopher Rudder (Yeti)

Head Teacher & Founder

Chris has been teaching and developing STEM classes for over 15 years.

He got his start in STEM education working for iD Tech Camps. He was later hired as one of their full-time curriculum developers where he created classes in Programming, 2D/3D Game Design, Mobile App Creation, Robotics, and Minecraft!

Later Chris worked for Microsoft training teachers to teach programming, and training industry tech volunteers how to be teachers.

Now Chris is excited to combine his wealth of experience to make STEM education FUN and accessible.


STEM Coordinator

The STEM Coordinator is repsonsible for social media outreach, media development, inovative web updates, and using provided images to create the student/class online portfolios.

Contact Us


(415) 515-5278

Main Office Location

Storrs, CT